dual boot system

  [DELETED] 20:10 15 Dec 2003

i want to install linux onto my pc,i have an 80gb hd and a 40 gb slaved, because i am a real coward i want to install linux on smaller harddrive thus protecting my windows installation,do i have to make my pc boot from the salve hdd and then install linux oar would i be better off partitioning the hard drive any help on how to achieve this would be appreciated

  powerless 20:12 15 Dec 2003

Disonnect the Master and only have the slave connected.

Install Linx...

Either swap the boot device to the salve to use Linux or create the boot floppy.

Backup filesfirst, you never know.

  [DELETED] 21:09 15 Dec 2003

No you don't - you can set which drive linux will be installed to during setup - what distro you using? If it's one of the mainstream like redhat or suse etc - the installation process is really easy provided you have compatible hardware - what graphics card do you have?

Anyway - just boot from the cd (change the option in your BIOS) and load it up - you should be confronted with a nice GUI instalation process - install linux onto the smaller drive and use as many default options as possible (most of these can be changed later). Make sure you create the proper partitions -

1. A boot partition of around 500 MB with the mount point "/boot"

2. The root partition with the mount point "/"

3. A swap partion which is about the same number of megabytes as 3/4 of your physical ram.

Also, if you're worried about loosing your Windows partition/drive make sure you install the linux bootloader (LILO probably) to a floppy and NOT the MBR on either drive. If you install it to your main drive (i.e. your windows installation) you could/will delete the boot record which means it will be very hard to get back into windows.

Your best bet if you're a linux newbie is to backup all of your important data before you even take the cd out of it's case. There are loads of pitfalls when installing linux but well worth it in the end! I'm sure you'll love KDE and Genome - also , once you get it up and running have a look for the Enlightenment desktop / windows manager - its wicked :)

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