Dual boot /sound Blaster live 5.1 installation

  Les53 22:34 11 Jan 2005

i have a dual boot system win xp/win Me. i installed the sound blaster 5.1 live digital in the win xp first, everything is fine . When ME starts it unable to find th driver so yellow question marks all round. i haven't got the original installion cd , i am using a mag cd , the problem is Me doesn't recognise the sound card and the installation is stopped with a message no card found. This is interesting as we know its not the card. So how do i get around this one?

  Jeffers22 22:43 11 Jan 2005

Try directing the driver search to the c:\Windows\inf folder in the XP system, or alternatively take a copy of that folder and put it on the ME system. May work. Failing that can you not download a driver from the Creative website that will install on the ME system?

  Les53 22:56 11 Jan 2005

I have downloaded drivers from creative website but on installation it stop with the message no card found on the system.

i cant direct anything to the xp folders on dual boot system the other partition is hidden.

Keep trying

  Les53 23:07 11 Jan 2005

i had a look in the inf folder , how do i know which one it is

  Jeffers22 00:07 12 Jan 2005

Do you have a data drive or partition? If so try copying the inf folder to it and then direct the search to that partition and folder.

If no separate data drive/partition try putting a copy of the inf folder on cd and then switch to the ME system and point the search for driver to the CD.

How do you tell which one it is in the inf folder? Damned if I know. No guarantees that this will work, but it's something to try. Otherwise, perhaps ask Creative for a driver installation disk including ME. I assume it is compatible with ME?

  Jeffers22 00:09 12 Jan 2005

As to being hidden, yeah - sorry, I run HyperOs which allows me to see and manipulate all partitions regardless of which OS is on it from whatever live system I'm using and am so used to this that I forgot about multi boot hiding the other OS partitions.

  Les53 20:57 12 Jan 2005

i copied the inf folder and it has installed about 5 items in the device manager under sound but i still need the driver. All the drivers from the website wont install because the card is not recognised. i am missing about 14 files which are probably on the original installation cd. One other question when the original file from creative website are unzip there is a .exe file which starts and then stops because no card is found. Thers are 3 other files sbl51.w02. sbl51.wo3 and sbapw9x.lib unzipped on their own each is about 5mb have i got to copy and paste these somewhere. maybe the system32 folder. all ideas welcolmed

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