Dual-boot question

  Siberian Winter 12:52 22 Apr 2005

Hi. My current PC runs XP Pro using NTFS. I have some software which won't run on this OS, so I created a 10 GB FAT32 partition on C: drive for the installation of win98. When I went through the usual steps, and began the process from DOS, I realised that C: drive was in fact the 10 GB partition. I assume this is because DOS/W98 doesn't recognise the NTFS partition. Is there any danger that, if I went ahead and put W98 onto the new 10 GB C: drive, the PC will boot straight into W98 every time and I'd lose the XP? Any help appreciated, thanks.

  Yoda Knight 13:03 22 Apr 2005

If you just install Windows98, you are not going to be able to boot to XP. You need to install Windows 98 first, then Xp and it will give you a boot menu

There are ways around this, but its not straight forward

  Siberian Winter 03:37 23 Apr 2005

So what you're saying is that with my current set-up I can't have a dual boot XP/Win98. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Thanks Yoda Knight.

  goonerbill © ® 12:36 23 Apr 2005

if you do a search on this subject in the forum, someone (can't remember who) gave detailed instructions on how to install win98 after winXP installation.

  goonerbill © ® 12:49 23 Apr 2005

right. after a bit of searching have found what you need. click on link and then scroll to leo49's posting, he has reposted the artical originally posted by flecc. it might be worth printing it off (cut and paste to a word prog) as it is a quite indepth artical.

click here

  bluesbrother 13:15 23 Apr 2005

click here;EN-US;q217210

  ollie < one> 13:23 23 Apr 2005


  Siberian Winter 02:00 24 Apr 2005

You've all been a great help. Major backup first, I think :-)

  g0nvs 11:44 24 Apr 2005

Or you could use a Caddy for each HDD, installing any OS you like & swapping the Caddy's as needed.

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