dual boot, please help

  krislas 09:51 14 Oct 2003

I currently run ME, but have acquired a copy of XP Pro+ SP1. I am keen to try XP, but weary it may conflict with what is on my system. Is it possible to install XP alongside ME on the same disk, so that I can chose which to boot from, or would I need to install a new hard drive? I have about 20Gb free on my harddrive. If it can be done, does anybody know how?

  graham√ 09:53 14 Oct 2003

Sorry to hear you are weary. You have to instal XP first, then ME. It's not easy.

  leo49 10:03 14 Oct 2003

That is absolute nonsense.

krislas - you can install XP after XP and it will put in a bootloader so that you can choose which OS to use.

  leo49 10:04 14 Oct 2003

"you can install XP after ME" - makes more sense.

  leo49 10:22 14 Oct 2003

Here's how it's done,courtesy of flecc many moons ago:

Boot into the Windows 98 and load the XP disc which will autorun to a menu from which you choose Install.For dual booting with XP providing the boot menu, the procedure at the first choice screen is to choose
Full Install (Advanced) instead of Upgrade (Recommended).

As the installation progresses, you'll get to an options Window allowing you
to set English (United Kingdom) as the language instead of the default English (US).

On that same window you will see an Advanced Button, which you must use,
giving an option at the foot: "I want to choose the Install Drive Letter and Partition". Check that option and carry on with the
installation, during which you'll be offered the option to select a partition as the
drive to install to. These are shown in bar form so it's easy to determine which is the second partition or blank space for
XP.If you have an Upgrade Edition of XP, you will be asked to insert your existing
Windows CD into the ROM drive to confirm your entitlement to upgrade.

The options from then on are straightforward, and may include a second point of choice for UK English and a keyboard language option.

When the installation completes, remove the XP disc before the final reboot to prevent setup starting again, and you'll see a choice screen
when you boot. The default is to XP, but below it will be a Windows entry to choose when you want to access 98/ME.

If you miss removal of the XP disc before the final boot and Setup starts again, just switch off the computer. Then reboot and immediately
hit the CD ROM eject to remove the disc quickly.


  graham√ 11:00 14 Oct 2003

Sorry, I'm a bit delysisx this morning. ME first is correct, Leo. But not 98.

  spargo 11:34 14 Oct 2003

It works with 98SE just as well, have been using 98/XP dual boot for 12 months with no probs.

  Rikku 11:42 14 Oct 2003

i think he means use a windows 98 boot disk if you dont have one goto click here download the boot disk and install to a floppy disk i hope this is what he ment i know someone who swears by using a win 98 disk to boot xp. hope this helps

  graham√ 12:03 14 Oct 2003

Unzip to floppy.

  leo49 12:04 14 Oct 2003

"But not 98" - more nonsense.98/ME makes no difference.

  leo49 12:11 14 Oct 2003

You've not exactly been well served by the Forum this morning what with initial misinformation re dual-booting[your actual question] and then irrelevance about boot-disks[and even then misinformation from one party how to create them].

Sometimes I wonder what medication some folk are on.

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