Du.al boot option for XP or Ubuntu

  watchit 21:24 06 Jan 2010

My PC has two hard drives. One on XP and the other on Ububtu.
Is it possible to have a simple dual boot system to select which operating system to use.
If possible how to achieve it as at present I have to manually disconnect one of the hard drives.

  GaT7 21:38 06 Jan 2010

I would connect both drives with XP as the first/boot drive. Then reinstall Ubuntu afresh on the 2nd drive. Step-by-step video guide at click here. G

  GaT7 21:43 06 Jan 2010

Make sure to choose the correct disk during the Ubuntu install as you don't want to install it on the XP drive! G

  LastChip 22:48 06 Jan 2010

if you don't want to reinstall, just use a third party boot manager.

  GaT7 23:36 06 Jan 2010

LastChip, thanks for that.

I thought that Ubuntu would have to be reinstalled to create the boot/GRUB menu - hence my suggestion.

Will something GAG click here do it without having to reinstall Ubuntu? If yes, then it should be a much easier, time-saving method. G

  LastChip 00:02 07 Jan 2010

I don't see any problem with your link.

From what watchit has described, it seems Ubuntu has installed GRUB (or Lilo) on the first sector of the disk it's installed on. XP will have done likewise.

GAG would simply overwrite the XP boot partition, recognise the installed systems and offer a menu.

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