dual boot with one sata and one ide drives

  mettis 17:25 11 Jul 2011

is it possible to have a dual boot using one sata and one ide drive or is it only possible to dual boot if both drives are either sata or ide

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 11 Jul 2011

Yes you can dual boot with different types of hard drive.

However BIOS tends to look at the IDE drive first for an op system.

  Funkmastabuzz 23:48 11 Jul 2011

You can chage the boot order in the bios settings when the computer starts.Normaly this is done by hitting one of the F1-F12 key when you turn on your PC.If you dont know how to do this though then make sure you research how to do it properly because although its easy to do if you do something wrong you CAN end up in all kinds of trouble.

  mettis 13:12 12 Jul 2011

thanks for responses i am thinking of having windows 7 on my 1t SATA drive and putting xp home onto a IDE drive then using BIOS to choose which OS to load will this work?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 12 Jul 2011


But better to have a bootloader on the C drive that allows you to choose either.

Its easier to install XP first and then windows 7 as 7's bootloader will sort it out for you.

  mettis 23:48 12 Jul 2011

thanks for the advice but windows 7 already installed on C drive and am still waiting arrival of new XP disc as old disc given to grandkids when previous computor passed to them

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:30 13 Jul 2011
  retep888™ 10:08 13 Jul 2011

You still got this ongoing thread about dual booting with 2 SATA disks? http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/helproom/4057710/dual-boot-using-two-hard-drives/

If you don't have a mean to isolate both OS, you're running a risk of Win7 being messed up by your grandkids while they're on XP ,therefore my suggestion still stands however IDE hot-swap tray isn't available anymore.

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