Dual boot not now required

  cagey 13:26 15 May 2005

I have Win98SE on partition C: of my 40 Gb hard drive, I later installed Win XP on partition E: of the same Hard drive. I have since installed a 160Gb hard drive for saving audio & video on. Time has moved on and I find that I never boot into Win98, how can I safely remove Win 98 and leave Win XP as the only boot option?

  cagey 14:48 15 May 2005


  Joe R 14:53 15 May 2005


if your system boots by default to XP, go to my computer, right click on your "C" partition,and format.

Remember to save anything you require, to another partition first.

  BurrWalnut 15:24 15 May 2005

Don't format the C drive as you will lose XP. A number of system files need to be on the C drive.

I would delete the Windows folder on C (not always easy to do but post back) then Start, Run and type msconfig, go to the Boot.ini Tab and 'Check all boot paths'. This should remove Win98 from being a boot choice. If this doesn't work you will have to manually change Boot.ini.

Good luck.

  cagey 15:39 15 May 2005

Thanks for replies. It sounds as if it's not really foolproof, I think I will leave well alone as C: partition is only 3.5Gb, so with my new 160Gb hard drive I shouldn't run out of space; but if anyone knows of a "SAFE" method to remove it, please let me know.

  Pine Man 16:44 15 May 2005

I was in exactly the same position about six months ago and wrote to PC Advisor and had my letter published.

The response was that you must keep the C partition and not format it. Locate the hidden system boot.ini file in the C root folder, make sure it isn't read-only and then edit it in notepad by deleting the entry for W98 that appears below the operating systems section. This will eliminate the boot menu so your computer will boot directly into XP.

This means that you still have to keep the C partition and your operating system will always be on the E partition.

I didn't bother and just formatted the drive and reinstalled XP! It cleared a lot crap of my drive and it ran a lot faster.

Good luck!

  woodchip 16:53 15 May 2005

With win98 you have something to fall back on should XP do a loop

  cagey 17:29 15 May 2005

Thanks Pine Man, I was going to follow your reply, but woodchip came up with his idea which I think I will stick with.
Thanke everyone for replies.

  Joe R 19:36 15 May 2005


I must apologise profusely for the advice that I posted earlier today.

If you had followed the advice given, it would have entailed a full system format, with all that entails, and more importantly, the loss of any boot sector info stored here.

I can only say that I have been having a really bad day, but this still does not excuse this posting. I must have been thinking of another partition, but when I posted I typed "C" partition.

BurrWalnut, thank you for the posting following mines, and I'm thankful that you saved cagey from further hassle following my ineptness.

Once again My apologies.

  BurrWalnut 20:15 15 May 2005

It takes a strong personality to stand up and apologise.

Well said, I applaud you!

  VoG II 20:23 15 May 2005

Most of us have made erroneous suggestions.

I once suggested that somebody should delete a couple of files - the Registry!!!

Fortunately we are a community and others will jump in if they spot an unintentional mistake.

Your good advice far outweighs this slip of the typing finger.

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