Dual boot MBR repair?

  Hedontownee 16:02 12 Sep 2007

During a recent problem with corrupted software and the subsequent successful solving due to our friends here. I accidently deleted my Dual Boot master boot record.
I have windows XP on C drive and Linux(SUSE 10)on another.
I would like to repair /re-instate that MBR in order to have the opportunity to use either system again.
Can anyone tell me how to recreate the MBR to enable this please.
After recent frustrating problems I dont wont to do the wrong thing again:-(
Any advice will be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

  scotty 17:07 12 Sep 2007

Do you have any boot options at present? Does GRUB (or Lilo) appear when you boot the system?

If not, I think you can create a MBR by booting the pc into Linux using the Linux installation CD. When up and running, YAST has an option to create a new GRUB. It should be able to recognise the operating systems present on your pc and configure appropriately.

Hope this is right as I am doing this from memory based on a similar problem a year or so ago.

  Hedontownee 07:22 14 Sep 2007

Thanks for the advice Scotty
My grub now boots up either system OK
However SUSE 10 boots up into Text mode and is asking for a command ??
Now I dont know what command tells Linux to open the User Interface (graphic desktop) similar to Windows desktop that I used to originally boot up to ...is it something like "runlevel 3" or similar
I think I'm nearly there !!!!
Just another little "nudge" (advice) please
Thanks in advance

  scotty 11:37 14 Sep 2007

Sounds like X has not started. I think the command you want is startx

Also found this suggestion:

Edit /etc/inittab and set the default runlevel to "5":

Change "id:3:initdefault:" to "id:5:initdefault:"

  Hedontownee 19:37 16 Sep 2007

Frustratingly I now have a situation whereby whichever version of SUSE 10 I try to load up from the Grub menu
ie the normal one or the failsafe one
The bootup sequence loads up Linux in Text mode /command mode ..certainly not a graphics interface anyway.
There must be some thing in the "repair /rescue sequence that I'm just not getting right.I am nearly at the stage were I will cut my losses and re-install a "new installation.
I really didnt want to do this as I hav a few progs installed the I would rather not lose.Also SUSE10 does not see my USB broadband modem and I will have to do that setup again by hand
Any advice or thoughts regarding revover the existing linus will be very welcome
Its currently on a second HD (HDA 1 = XP ...HDB1 = linux
Help please if you can

  Hedontownee 05:34 24 Sep 2007

Well my friends
I have renewed the C Hard Drive
that has sorted the slow HD problem
I have re-formatted D Drive to clear Linux
So thats that !!!!!
I now have XP on C drive (160 Gig)
and a spare drive
I will now start to develop a "solid" recovery procedure just in case I have this problem again
So which is the best and most reliable way to ensure I can easily and quickly restore to a former "state"

  irishrapter 06:21 24 Sep 2007

I like to image any computer that I want to backup.
I mainly use Acronis click here and sometimes Norton Ghost click here

  Andy1991 17:16 24 Sep 2007

load ur XP CD on boot and opt for the recovery console, type the number of installtion to correct, type admin password for it (normally blank) and press ENTER.

Now type FIXMBR and Press ENTER, then Y, then ENTER

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