Dual boot 98 1st ed. and ME

  Tim1964 23:38 16 Jun 2004

Would it be possible to install ME on my second HDD so that I could use any new hardware that needs at least 98SE without having to re-install the win98 (1st ed.) that is on my C drive. I have both the ME upgrade disc and Win98 full disc. The last time I attempted to 'upgrade' to ME I had grief with errors on IE6 and ended up having to format and return to 98 to cure the errors.

My PC is not up to the spec for XP and 1. I REALLY don't want to format and 2. I'm looking for the 'budget' option.



  AcidBurn7uk 23:44 16 Jun 2004


If your computer isn't upto running XP then I would suggest you just formatted your harddrive and start from scratch with SE or ME. I havn't had much experience with either operating system so can't really say which is the best. If you REALLY don't wan't to format and need to dual-boot them, then I'm afraid I can't help. All my sual-booting experience comes from trying to dual boot linux with XP on the same hard-drive. Unsuccesfully I might add.

Of course, another option is to get a nice shiny new computer with XP :D

Sorry I couldn't be a bit more help but I know that somebody on here would help.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:10 17 Jun 2004

Get partition magic8.0 it will do exactly what you want....TT

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