Dual boot and 2nd internal drive.

  avesnes1 16:37 25 Jun 2007

I have an HP Pavilion m7670.uk-a with 2 internal hard disk drives and 1 external drive. The 1st internal drive has partition "C" plus partition "E" holding the recovery files, while the 2nd internal drive has partition "D"(as yet unused). I have received the Vista upgrade disk plus an HP Vista drivers disk.

Ideally I would like to "clean" install Vista on my 2nd internal disk drive(partition "D", keeping XP on the 1st internal disk drive.

The HP instructions are to run the Vista drivers disk first and then upgrade XP to Vista. I have read in the forum (and subsequent links) the method for performing a "clean" install with an upgrade disk but.............

If I run the HP drivers disk, won't the drivers will be placed in the "C" partition and Vista (if installed in the "D" partition)will then not be able to see them?

If the above does happen, will I have to create an Acronis 10 image of my "C" partition with the HP Vista drivers installed onto the "D" partition and then start the Vista "clean" install on the "D" partition.

I have been unable to get any sense or clear answers out of HP Support (even after weeks of delays in answering) and I was hoping that the PCA forum talent might be able to shed some light on this query. Many thanks in advance for any guidance.

  Sheik Yerbouti 16:45 25 Jun 2007

If you are not going to upgrade to Vista, I can't see a reason to install drivers 1st. Perform your fresh install on D: then use the drivers disk and device manager to update all the nessecary drivers. Any problems and windows update in Vista can usually pick up and driver updates you might need. BTW I presume you are using BB with Ethernet cable?

  avesnes1 17:07 25 Jun 2007

Sheik Yerbouti,
Thank you for the clear & concise response. Yes, your presumption is correct about BB etc. ---- and thanks again for taking timeout from the harem. (What a great forum this is!!)

  Sheik Yerbouti 17:12 25 Jun 2007

Let us know how you get on.

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