Dual boot from 2 separate drives

  AL47 21:38 28 Feb 2010

Right now i have w7 booting from hdd 1 its a mess, unactivated and was never intended to be permanent

i want to install w7 again properly on HDD 2 clean tidly and activate

until the new OS is installed completely i want to dual boot win 7 from 2 separate drives with the intention of deleting the one i use now once the second is setup

i want a MBR to be located on both drives so i can format the HDD 1 installation without loosing the ability to boot from HDD 2

ive read that to do this i have to physically detach HDD 1 from the motherboard otherwise the 2nd install will use the MBR from the first install on HDD 1

help needed!!

  woodchip 21:53 28 Feb 2010

You need a boot manager.click here

  AL47 22:00 28 Feb 2010

will that come up every time after bios? if so id rather avoid it as i will only have 2 OSs for about a month until the second is ready for use

[i have to work on the fresh install a bit at a time]

  Proclaimer 00:09 01 Mar 2010

I have win XP Pro on one internal SATA HDD and win 7 on the other.

The only gripe you may have with this kind of setup is that you must enter the BIOS to change the boot device to the HDD that has the OS you want to boot.

Not a problem to me as I prefer it to the boot manager options.

The other problem is that you must install the OS to the device for say win XP Pro, then you must disconnect that device and install the second OS. That way neither the twain shall meet and you can then connect both drives and manage the OS boot from your BIOS.

  AL47 07:37 01 Mar 2010

i think i will do that option, id rather go into bios that way when i delete the first install i should have no problems.


  Pine Man 10:47 01 Mar 2010

I have installed operating systems on two separate drives by disconnecting each in turn when installing so each is completely independant of the other.

When I boot the computer it always boots from disk0 unless I press F8 which gives me a choice of drives to boot from (this process is specific to my BIOS).

  AL47 17:50 02 Mar 2010

^ thats what i think im gonna do, thanks

  Simsy 19:24 02 Mar 2010

which is about 7 years old, (an MSI model), and also my dad's, (which is a brand new ASUS mobo), there is the facility to choose a "one time" boot during the post...

In My case I press F11 while the BIOS is doing it's thing, and when it's finished it's POST I am provided with a Boot menu...

I have WinXp on one drive, and Linux on another, (which was installed with the first drive disconnected, so as to not affect the MBR or boot.ini of the Win installation)...

When I want to boot into Linux I just press F11 during Bios, choose the 2nd HDD to boot from, and away I go.

No boot manager to install , and the Win and Linux partitions are in ignorance of each other.

I suspect that if you check your mobo manual you may have the same facility?

Good luck,

With apologies if this hasn't helped!



  AL47 20:59 02 Mar 2010

figured out, thanks for your help

i had to go into bios [or f8 as it happens] and change the boot device, i now have win7 on the new faster drive and wioll be doing a bit of prep work each night until its ready, for safety i did unplug the sata cable to the previous OS installed hard drive and will be formatting that to a storage drive when this is ready

thanks everyone

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