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  sputnick 15:36 10 Mar 2010

I am using Microsoft Home and Student Office at the moment but cannot find a way in Word to insert free floating Jpeg pictures.
I seem to remember that my old copy of MS publisher would allow this as does Serif Page plus,
But Pageplus can be a pain to transfer to other MS programs or import.
Is there a way of making picture free floating in Word 2007.
Otherwise a version of Publisher for my W7 system is too expensive.

  Woolwell 15:43 10 Mar 2010

Do you mean position the photo anywhere on the page and then wrap text around it?
If so insert your picture at the point you want and then on the format tab ribbon you will find the wrap text settings so that the text appears how you want around the photo.

  sputnick 15:59 10 Mar 2010

Thanks for reply,
I need to position 2 to 4 pictures close to each other with text underneath.

  Woolwell 16:01 10 Mar 2010

Does the text relate to the picture above ie like a caption?

  sputnick 16:08 10 Mar 2010

Not necessarily,
usually pictures are in blocks and text below referring to pics but not as a caption.

  Woolwell 16:11 10 Mar 2010

I think that you may have to create columns or a table. Manipulating photos as you want is difficult.

As a matter of interest PagePlus has a good pdf file export feature and Word 2007 allows you to insert pdf files and they appear as images.

  Woolwell 16:14 10 Mar 2010

You could try experimenting with columns or tables. Someone else here may have a better idea. DTP is of course easier as you already know.

  onionskin 22:29 10 Mar 2010

Why not join the pictures into one picture in MS Paint before pasting them into your document?

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