Dtive C in use - format aborted

  Broceliande 14:26 16 Dec 2003


I do hope one of you geniuses can help! It's 5:45 in the morning and I've had [b]enough.[/b]

I want to uninstall Me from my laptop and install Win98. (I have the Master CD and Boot Disc from my pc.)

So, I've tried reformatting my hard drive. None of the boot discs I have made from Add/Remove or Norton will boot into DOS on startup or restart.
If I go to Run and type FORMAT C:and then Y and press enter when the prompt window comes up, I get a message saying Drive C is currently in use by another process. (The same if I go direct to MSDOSPrompt.)

So, I've closed every obvious program running (except Explorer), disabled Task Scheduler, uninstalled every application I really don't need for work (including antivirus and firewall), deleted a corrupt CRYPT32.DLL (which I think may be the hub of the problem) and reinstalled it from a download. I've then defragged (fine) and scanned (restarts).

I'm so tired I'm almost tempted to reformat from safe mode.

It's probably staring me in the face, but, what is running on C, what do I do (v. simple instructions, please) and why am I so stupid?

T so much IA.


  Broceliande 14:30 16 Dec 2003


I meant DRIVE C, obviously - Told you I was tired!!

  johnnyrocker 14:31 16 Dec 2003

click here


  johnnyrocker 14:32 16 Dec 2003

or run msconfig for the answer.


  leo49 14:51 16 Dec 2003

You must boot from the boot floppy and get an A:\prompt - you can't force Windows to commit suicide.Have you set your floppy drive as Ist boot?

  spikeychris 15:00 16 Dec 2003


  leo49 15:02 16 Dec 2003

No - it's murder or nothing!

  Broceliande 12:50 17 Dec 2003


Thanks for your help.

I'm trying all your suggestions but I think I may have a very stylish doorstop on my hands.

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