DSO Exploit

  Mad Mick 14:29 11 Sep 2004

When I ran Spybot it found instances of 5 DSO Exploits. I selected the items and asked Spybot to fix the problem. The programme went through it’s fix routine and displayed a message that it had fixed the problem. When I run Spybot again it still finds the offending items. How do I remove these items. Adaware does not locate them.

I am running Windows XP Home now upgraded to include SP2, 768 Ram, Intel Pentium 2.66, which appears to be running all my programmes without any problems. Help and assistance to resolve this problem would be much appreciated.

  stalion 14:33 11 Sep 2004

take no action and ignore the findings this is a fault that has not been fixed yet.dso exploit will not cause you any problems on your system

  SJCE 14:35 11 Sep 2004

Same problem:

DSO Exploit, missed by Ad-Aware and AOL Spyware Detector, was revealed by SpyBot.
However, although detected and destroyed when located, it reappears whenever SpyBot searches again. Web searches suggest that it's more of a nuisance than a threat, as long as all security is in place and up to date. Any further suggestions?
Yesterday, with absolute minimal fuss, I installed SP2 as an extra precaution, although taking the options of continuing to use McAfee instead of the new Windows Firewall, and retaining Norton Anti-Virus in preference to their version. Any suggestions about those preferences?
I did hope that DSO Exploit might have disappeared following that action but regrettably it's still there.

  JayDay 14:38 11 Sep 2004

Get the beta version of SpyBot S&D.

The latest Beta Release of SpyBot (1.3.1) now gets rid of the DSO exploits.

To get this beta version open SpyBot in the Advanced mode. Open the Settings section then click "settings". Scroll down to "Web Update" then check "Display available beta versions" Then search for updates. It will appear as an update.

  pj123 14:41 11 Sep 2004

I also had the same problem with DSO Exploit but since I downloaded and installed spywareblaster I have not had any more instances of DSO Exploit.

  Mad Mick 14:52 11 Sep 2004

Did as JayDay said and this has resolved the problem. JayDay you are an absolute diamond geezer. Thanks to all for taking the trouble to respond.

  1514 15:42 11 Sep 2004

Thank you JayDay. I bet that you hve solved a lot more peoples problems with your pennyworth. The "DSO Exploit" is in the other PCA Mag this week: but it is not such a good fix as yours.

  JayDay 15:50 11 Sep 2004

Thanks guys. Forum members have helped me loads in the past. Nice to give a bit back. :)

  speedy12 16:07 11 Sep 2004

Yep JayDay, ur a star ;o)

  Graham ® 20:57 16 Sep 2004

My thanks too!

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