DSO Exploit

  Cook2 00:16 20 Jun 2004

Used AdAware and it found Alexa.

Re-booted and used Spybot S&D and it detected DSO Exploit. Deleted it but on re-boot it was back.

Checked again with AdAware and nothing found.

Anyone else have this problem?

  SANTOS7 00:22 20 Jun 2004

If all your critical updates are installed you are protected against DSO Exploit and the finding in Spybot is just a nuisance. Eliminate this by doing the following:

1 Open Spybot and select 'advanced' mode.
2 Select 'settings' in the left column.
3 Select 'ignore product' in the left column.
4 Select 'security' tab.
5 Place check mark in box beside DSO Exploit.
6 Close program
7 Open Spybot and run a scan.

You will find that DSO Exploit has been eliminated and if your computer does not harbour any other spyware you will see a congratulatory message.

  SANTOS7 00:25 20 Jun 2004


Disconnect your internet, reboot your computer (you don't have to go into safemode to do this just boot normally), run Spybot. Go into the registry by going to the start menu then run, type in the word regedit and hit the OK button. Now locate one by one all the registy entries that Spybot said it found the DSO exploit in. Rename the 1004 files to 1003 then exit regedit. Shut down your computer. Plug your computer back into the internet, and restart your computer. Run Spybot again and you will see it is no longer there. Congratulations it gone. pretty simple huh?

  CHAIRLEG 00:26 20 Jun 2004

I ran Spybot 3 times in last 5 days and got DSO everytime did fix but still comes back.Hoping someone will come up with fix.

  CHAIRLEG 00:30 20 Jun 2004

So slow typing.thanks for fix

  OU812 00:57 20 Jun 2004

I always believe in attempting to triangulate advice particularly where PC security is concerned. The link here collaborates Santos7 advice click here that DSO exploit (which has also troubled me and a lot of other people it would seem) that DSO Exploit should not be a problem so long as windows is kept up to date.

However been paranoid about such things (and also assuming that Spybot is well aware of this issue) I am leaving things as is since I am sure there will be a fix for it in the future since its hardly a major inconvenience as is , particularly now that I know there is little to be concerned about. I think this preferably to disabling a security feature of the programme.

  Cook2 15:27 20 Jun 2004

SANTOS7, thanks for that, all critical updates are now installed.

Thanks for the link OU812, I'll wait until Spybot comes up with something and leave well alone at the moment.

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