Noelg23 16:09 08 Dec 2004

can someone please tell me more about this? I have a colleague who is getting broadband and was meant to be connected on Fri 3 Dec 2004 but has not been. she has contacted her ISP who say there is not enough capacity at the exchange...I have been to click here and the DSLAM is 4 at her exchange. am i right in thinking that this maybe the problem or is there more to it?

  Noelg23 08:20 09 Dec 2004


  Noelg23 12:13 09 Dec 2004

does anyone know about DSLAMs at all?

  Danoh 12:45 09 Dec 2004

Noelg23, there is a whole lot more to it indeed. Presumably you know the difference between ADSL (Asynchronous) and SDSL (Synchronous)? click here

The delay in her installation you say is reported as being a lack of capacity ~ i.e. to many subscribers already to maintain contention ratios (although I doubt she is on a business DSLAM4 20:1 contention ratio. More likely to be domestic 50:1)

The only way to increase capacity is for the ISP concerned to buy more from BT, if it is available. If not then the ISP is dependent on BT installing extra telecomms switch gear in that exchange.

All non-cable ISPs I know of are dependent on BT's monopoly on landline ADSL connections via their exchanges, as its too cost prohibitive to install their own wires.

So if her ISP has taken her money and scheduled her in for 3rd Dec but did not check that there will definitely be sufficient capacity in the 1st place, then thats clearly a mess up.

  Danoh 12:50 09 Dec 2004

Sorry; her ISP probably does have a 4Mb DSLAM PVC4 pipe, but have run out of capacity on that for their customers.

Got mixed up as I started to think of BT as the ISP, then switched over to thinking her ISP is not BT, without cleaning up logically before I typed!!

  Noelg23 14:11 09 Dec 2004

well not to worry cos her ISP is in fact BT Yahoo...so yets its BT...but thanks thats cleared that one up...

  Noelg23 14:12 09 Dec 2004

and yes I do know the difference between ADSL and SDSL...I use to work at BT Broadband...

  Danoh 16:32 09 Dec 2004

? Then why don't you know about the DSLAM combing?

  Noelg23 17:06 09 Dec 2004

I guess i never listened well in training...lol...

  Danoh 18:34 09 Dec 2004

Know what you mean! :-) Bit of a dry subject...

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