DSL Line problem and Wiring Diagram screenshot

  Killo Bite 00:14 25 Jun 2007

Evening all,

Ok, I need to be able to see a colour photo of what Sky cable wires look like if wired into a BT Main(Line socket) I understand the usual ones for Phone & extentions arre of Blue/White & White/blue and Orange/white and White/orange but colours of the Sky cable that comes from the box most times their pluged in a adpater but this one I am talking to is wired into the Main BT line box.

Any Ex BT engineers still with a interest in tel coms welcome.

Also Problem with Broadband had resulted in Woosh test & Line test from both BT & ISP both not able to resolve eventhough I have had to leave the machine online for 8 days.

But wiring colours first please

  pk46 01:40 25 Jun 2007

Not a BT man but what i can say is Sky don't at anytime wire into a master BT socket if that is the case no wonder you have a broadband problem.
You do not require any direct wiring for Sky talk hence the adapter.

  Killo Bite 09:10 25 Jun 2007

some guy of my friends has wired into the face plate socket. I also thought this to be strange.

Still need to determine which the wires are by colour for Sky wiring. I know the other end is suppose to be a adapter end but wire colour's needed.

  ^wave^ 09:29 25 Jun 2007

is this tied up with your other entry if so i would get the person who installed to come back

  Graham. 17:56 25 Jun 2007

First, it is OK to wire into the faceplate of the BT master socket. The faceplate is the lower half which plugs into the wall plate and secured by two screws.

Has this been done because a socket wasn't available? Would have been easier to use a double adaptor.

The wires in the cable would be stranded, not suitable to connect to a socket's terminals, they must be solid conducters.

No wonder your friend is having problems.

  Killo Bite 18:54 25 Jun 2007

the face plate is a full and not partial, and has a plug that plugs into the line box (1st point in house in the socket) Stranded, er will have to have another look.

Any online colour diagrams of non BT wires then would make things easier to sort out.

  Graham. 19:34 25 Jun 2007

I hear what you are saying, but a diagram of a non-standard installation?

Is this cable one end of the lead that goes to the Sky router, with four wires?

  Killo Bite 19:41 25 Jun 2007

it is the end of the cable from the line from sky box

  Graham. 14:14 30 Jun 2007

I would guess that Red and Black should go to terminals 2 and 5.

A better solution would be to buy a new lead from Maplins, for example, and connect to the socket using a filter.

  Killo Bite 14:33 30 Jun 2007

Black & Red, erh are these the sky ones ?
Found out a Sky person wired the cable into the Line box and shouldn't have done, this caused the problem.

They also joined poorley in the middle of a line wire to wire, every time a person walked in a room upstairs this cut off the connetion.

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