dsl cable and bt 105 voyager problems

  albu 21:16 21 Jun 2006

Using win xp home + Aol silver broadband

Friday evening phone goes off, no dialing tone and echos, comes okay on and off. Same since. Contacted BT who say the Line has been tested and is okay. But if an engineer comes out and finds no fault I'll be charged £64 plus an hourly rate .
PROBLEM: Every so often my BT Voyager 105 modem goes into a state of training or no signal, with a message of a network cable is unplugged. Changing dsl cables don't seem to work. Taking the original dsl cable out and sticking it in again works sometimes. Re-installing modem drivers hasn't helped. My BT master socket doesn't have a test socket facility. Changing filter hasn't helped. Any help please?

  crazycraig 14:50 22 Jun 2006

Okay there are many faults that could occur with the symptoms that you described

1.) Ensure that your BT socket box is connected properly, with no wires loose inside the box whatsoever!

2.) Your Modem is faulty, get a new one..I use a Speedtouch 330 which works fine with speeds up to 8meg and you can get it for around a fiver off ebay!!!

3.)AOL may of disconnected you from their service for numerous reasons or maybe their server is down!! Call them and see!!

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