DSL activation!

  siouxah1 13:51 25 Nov 2005

hi all

my sister has a problem getting dsl enabled. she is in an active area and has contacted an ISP and has been told that a DSL connection is already active on that line.

i think the problem is that the people who lived there before her had a DSL line but didn't de-activate it, so obviously she can't create another one.

BT say she needs to contact the ISP that provided the connection before they can do anything to connect her, but, because it was the previous tenants, she doesn't know them and so cannot find out who the ISP is!!

any ideas on how to gain this info would be most appreciated.

  Graham ® 13:54 25 Nov 2005

If your sister has taken over the line, BT should be in a position to tell her who the ISP is.

The only other way I can think of is to connect a modem and see who it tries to connect to.

  ade.h 14:15 25 Nov 2005

"The only other way I can think of is to connect a modem and see who it tries to connect to"

How? You would need the username and password to do that. Remember, the ADSL line and the connection to the ISP are essentially seperate things. The latter just connects over the former. When an ADSL line is established through a modem, you won't see any ISP details. For example, all I get is "Zoom PPP DSL" Zoom being the brand of modem.

  Graham ® 16:35 25 Nov 2005

I'll get me coat...

  keewaa 16:54 25 Nov 2005

Surely if she explained the situation to BT, they should be able to tell her who the ISP is ... if not then I'd be amazed !

  siouxah1 20:10 25 Nov 2005

for your replies. I will leave it open a little longer and do further investigation.

Graham, funny you should say that, it was one of the things that ran through my mind. Dare I say great minds think alike? There are at least two of us.


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