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  [DELETED] 13:33 01 Apr 2004

click here

Due for a re-design. Should I widen up for 1024?
Get rid of Java scroller? Please be honest!

Cheers all

  [DELETED] 14:03 01 Apr 2004

Heh heh, made me smile.

If you need more space I'd put it up to 1024 but if you don't I'd leave it for now. Still a lot of people running quite low resolutions out there. Saying that I'm doing my next site in 1024 but I need the space for content.

I'd ditch the scrollers if I were you. The top left one looks a bit untidy.

Your news page is a bit confusing. I clicked on the link for 23 Feb and got a story about a gig on the 24 April.

A link to bigger pic of your badges might be an idea they are a bit hard to see. The Muppit Juice one would suit one of my mates.

  [DELETED] 15:18 01 Apr 2004

Get rid of the left hand side navigation and use the one at the top.

  [DELETED] 19:57 01 Apr 2004

I'm on a 1280x1024 resolution, and although the site does have quite large blanks spaces on either side it doesn't make the site look bad at all - and I'd say there's probably no real need to adjust to 1024 yet, unless like Aspman said, you need more space for content.

  james55 23:37 01 Apr 2004

I am on 1024 and your site looks ok to me. When or if you go to 1024 you will only start worrying how it looks at in 800. So there is no hurry, when you think about it a lot of people don't have their Browser in full screen when on the web.

Best of luck with band


  [DELETED] 11:03 02 Apr 2004

Thanks for all your comments so far. Think I've already decided up-date will be 800 wide then centred (centered) for 1024.

I know the scrollers got to go - but I like it for "stop press" items, temporary links and the up-to-date feel of "our next gig will be . ." Untidy Eh? I know - it has to go.

Thanks Aspman you're right about the news page. I should make clear the date refers to posting rather than content reference.

Bigger Muppit-Juice badges on the way.

Frames - the site was not constructed with frames but originally sat on the back of fatjack.co.uk I then bought the drrink domain name and pointed it to fatjack causing the resulting frame. I think the only way round this is to host drrink in it's own right but then again fatjack.co.uk/drink is sitting fairly well with the search engines.

Thanks again for your interest will re-post when I finish the changes.

  [DELETED] 12:17 02 Apr 2004

Since it's a band it might be an idea to have an MP3 or two to hear. I'd like to know what they sound like anyway.

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