dropped wireless connection

  bert52a 11:00 12 Sep 2010

i upgraded my account with aol about 2 months ago enticed by the offer of faster speeds.I've got faster speeds on the pc nearest to the router but the 2 other pcs keep dropping the signal.Before the upgrade I could get it all round the house.
I've contacted aol help about a dozen times but they haven't been able to improve things.
my os is vista
others windows 7 and xp
they both worked fine before so I'm sure the problem isn't with the machines.
my router is a dlink D2460R

  mikesuther 11:30 12 Sep 2010

Does the connection reestablish if you restart the router? to be fair i think it could be a coincadence that this has happened as i had something similar happen when i upgraded my router. I had to make sure that every item that connects directly to the phone line has a micro filter connected, to be honest i had thought i had done this but forgot the sky box and once i had done this it resolved my problem. may be worth giving your router a reboot and checking that all items have a micro filter connected to the phone line

  bert52a 11:40 12 Sep 2010

this was the first thing aol suggested.I have filters on all the phones.I don't have any other wireless devices-sky box or anything like that.
One technician said you need to change the filters every 4 months but I think this is nonsense
thanks, mikesuther

  bert52a 11:42 12 Sep 2010

sorry read it too quickly.I'll test to see if switching off router and on again makes a difference.

  bert52a 12:52 12 Sep 2010

if I turn the router off and then back on the connection is re-established but then it dies again.
What seems really odd is that it shows the signal strenth as excellent!

  Bike-it 21:52 14 Sep 2010

i had a lend of the same router and it was crap dropping connection every ten minutes or so, went back to my netgear which is a lot better, but not perfect

  zarobian 17:07 15 Sep 2010

Enter click here into the address box of your Browser and hit return.
This will connect you to your router. Enter user name as admin and leave the password blank. Hit return.

From the page now open click on wireless tab.
1.Check your SSId;
2.Channels - select from 6 to 11-try 11. Do not select auto.
3. Security - WPA2
PSK/EAP - select PSK
Password - upto you
Mind you the problem could be channel selected. It may have a conflict with your neighbourer. Good look.

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