Dropped my new laptop, help!!

  KatPip 20:34 23 Jan 2017

I dropped my new Acer laptop and now I have these little red and green dots on my monitor. It doesn't cover the entire monitor, it is about 2" in size. I am so sick about this! Is there anyway to fix this?? Thank you in advance. src

  KatPip 20:36 23 Jan 2017

I tried to post a pic. I will try again. src

  KatPip 20:43 23 Jan 2017

  alanrwood 21:22 23 Jan 2017

I think that you have disturbed the connections to the display from the motherboard.

If you don't feel confident to open up the laptop and check the cable connection then a trip to a repair agent is the only option.

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