dropped laptop

  redsusan 17:43 01 Sep 2008

My o/h dropped my laptop which he bought in May for my birthday it is an Advent 5301,
It is unfixable, smashed screen , buckled case , had it.
What i am wondering is can i use the disks that came with it and also the tech guys recovery dvd's on my old desktop ,or is this not allowed
My desktop is xp pro and the laptop was vista which i really liked.

  Quiller. 18:23 01 Sep 2008

They will be recovery disks and tied to that motherboard and harddrive:-(

But they will be no harm trying them.

Claim off your home insurance for a new laptop.:-)

  ronalddonald 18:24 01 Sep 2008

you can format the drive to work with xp pro yes but that would mean losing all your personal files. but the drive wouldn fit into the desktop due to size.

The answer is no you cant.

  wee eddie 18:38 01 Sep 2008

to remove the old Hard-Drive and install it in an Enclosure, giving you an External Hard-Drive but your copy of Vista will be no use to you.

p.s. If you decide to do this. Make sure that the Case you buy is the right size for a Laptop Hard-Drive.

  birdface 18:39 01 Sep 2008

If you dropped it by accident you should be able to claim your house insurance for a replacement one.

  redsusan 18:45 01 Sep 2008

Looked into it and can claim from house insurance ,just £50 excess

  peter99co 19:24 01 Sep 2008

It is amazing how many people do not consider the house insurance when accidents occur such as this.

wee eddie's idea is a good idea because you must not let the drive be thrown away without ensuring it is beyond saving.

  jack 15:47 02 Sep 2008

All you need is one of these

click here

They come mostly[but do check] with an adapter for the smaller 2 inch Laptop drive

  AL47 00:24 05 Sep 2008

hmm my laptops disks are not tied to my laptop, nor is my xp copy from my old laptop

  FatboySlim71 09:24 05 Sep 2008

Once you get a new laptop, you could always see what you could salvage from the broken one, CD/DVD drive, hard drive.

Once you have the hard drive out of the broken laptop you could then buy an enclosure/caddie and house the hard drive in this and then use it to take regular backups of your new laptop with Acronis True Image for example.

Here is a link to a place where you could get an enclosure from, I have used this place many times and I find them excellent.

click here

I use Acronis True Image 11 on my Vista machine and its an excellent backup program that has helped me out many times and well worth the £20. IMO its an invaluable piece of software that I think everyone should have.

click here

For example:
If you took a full backup and had created a rescue CD with Acronis today and say in 5 days time you got some virus or other nasty on your computer and it then prevented your computer from loading. You would be able to restore your computer to a working condition again, everything that was on your computer on the day you took the backup would be there, right down to the exact placement of you desktop icons (basically it would be an identical copy in every way shape and form).

The Acronis program is way cheaper on Amazon than on Acronis's web site. click here

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