dropped frames during video capture

  User-AF7CB573-9FE2-4318-B7E77F6641C8BFB7 10:53 27 Jan 2005

While transfering digital video onto the hard (I have an external drive for video only) I notice some dropped frames if I record the same again no frames are dropped my dv capture card is afirewire 400 dv pci would the new 8oo dv pci help my computer is a Mesh 1800 3 years old running xp home all suggestion welcome

  john-232317 11:00 27 Jan 2005

Just a few causes....it may help you.

click here

  VideoSentry 11:01 27 Jan 2005

Is the external HDD nearly full? and is it defragged? Both of those have caused errors for Me in the past.

  scotty 11:26 27 Jan 2005

Switch off all unnecessary background tasks while transfering video. Anti-virus and firewall software are the obvious background programs but I would also try disconnecting from a network.

I closed all programes disconnected broad band and closed zone alarm and out of 56500 frames I lost just 6 would this be acceptable or should there be no lost frames

  stlucia 16:15 27 Jan 2005

My system (Pinnacle DV, Win 98SE, Athlon 600, and 256Mb RAM) always drops one frame at the beginning of a capture, irrespective of how long the session is.

On the face of it, 6 dropped frames out of 56,500 sounds acceptable. If they're not all together you won't notice them, so don't worry about it if there's no other problems.

  scotty 18:09 27 Jan 2005

The problem is not the firewire card. The standard firewire card is fast enough for the transfer of video. I have a 1GHz Athlon and have only experienced dropped frames on occassions where the tape was kinked. Normally I don't get any.

To start with I could not successfully transfer video and I implemented some of the tweaks as recommended click here and have had no problems since.

  Baz48 21:13 27 Jan 2005

As well as switching everything of as advised above, I also switched of the preview screen which shows the video that is being transfered. This cured it for me.

many thanks for the web site everyone doing video should visit it

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