Dropbox problems on desktop PC

  bpzoom 16:33 01 Dec 2018

After several days of confusion I have decided I can get no further. I have downloaded the free version of Dropbox. It sits as an icon on my desktop but there is no sign of the so-called app. Rightly or wrongly I sign into Dropbox on the web and up pops the Dropbox home page. I created "folders(?)" with the names of 3 folders on my PC under Documents. I added the email addresses of 7 people who will share the databases but only with read permission. I tried to "upload" or "copy" the three folders on to the appropriate file names on the Dropbox page. It did not allow me to choose the 3 folders each of which contains a few hundred jpeg images from the IE page. I saw on the web that some browsers will not work, so I changed from Edge to Chrome, and it asked me to select the folders required from the PC and the jpeg images were downloaded into the Dropbox folders(?) on the Dropbox homepage. All the files were there. I went back to the folders in My Documents and made various changes by adding a few images and deleting others,and repeated the exercise as a test to see if it reacted properly to updates of the 3 databases. It added the extra images OK but left in the images I had removed. These 3 databases will be subjected to amendment from time to time and I want the recipients to all be looking at the latest version. I was advised not to upload from the My Documents folders but upload from their "copy" under the Dropbox folders on the PC. But how does the version in the Dropbpox folder receive the updates from My Documents? I copied and pasted, but with no apparent change to the Dropbox version. Finally I have forgotten how to share the latest version with the other 8 people. When does Dropbox notify them that a new version is on the way? Sorry this is long winded. I use Windows 10 by the way. I am not interested in Dropbox as a cloud backup. only to facilitate transfers of large numbers of jpeg files to 8 people.

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