dropbox not synching to second pc

  howard64 09:55 02 Mar 2013

if I use my laptop or another pc and log into my dropbox account it initially says synching files and then all files are up to date. Unfortunately the files have not been updated to what is on my main pc. I did raise a ticket with dropbox and after a week got an answer which more or less said do not bother us we are too busy. I assume as I am using the free account they only look after the paid for ones. I have put a test file into a few folders on my main pc and these do not get updated onto the laptop etc. I have even gone as far as using a friends pc and setting up dropbox on their pc and logging in and after a while all my folders have been made available but the test files and later stuff do not appear. It is as if there is an old set of my stuff which can be looked at from another pc but the newer stuff is not looked at. Does anyone know how to force dropbox to use the newer files?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:25 02 Mar 2013

Interesting problem and one that I have not come across before now and I have DropBox installed on my three PC's. I have actually moved my Favourites folder into DropBox and have just saved a site and yep it has appeared on the other two PC's Favourite folders also.

Have you reached your 2GB free quota? is my first thought. If so it is pretty simple to increase this if you go to the DropBox website it will tell you how.

  howard64 10:29 02 Mar 2013

thanks Chronos the 2nd I will check that but last time I looked it was under 1GB

  howard64 09:11 08 Mar 2013

dropbox is not updating at all - files from last year are available but not newer ones. Does anyone know how to either get it to update or shall I close the account and start again?

  Chronos the 2nd 09:52 08 Mar 2013

Have you tried un-installing and reinstalling DropBox?

  howard64 10:00 08 Mar 2013

yes I have tried that and setting it up fresh on another pc but the files on the dropbox server seemed to be stuck on last year. If I use the original pc I set it up on all the files are up to date. My problem is that I am moving to a different pc and selling the original one.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:35 08 Mar 2013

Very strange,not sure what else to suggest except try and get help here. DropBox Forums.

  howard64 10:52 08 Mar 2013

thanks Chronos the 2nd I have used your link and asked the question on the forum.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:09 08 Mar 2013

Let me know if you get this sorted if you don't mind?

  howard64 11:41 08 Mar 2013

will do

  howard64 11:35 31 Mar 2013

dropbox eventually advised me to unlink my files then restart dropbox. I did this on all the pcs and now they are all up to date and sysnchronized. Thanks all for your assistance.

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