Drop Down Menus in Frontpage

  quack 09:36 24 Feb 2005

I have updated to Frontpage 2003 in the hopes that I could use the programme to make DHTML drop down menus. I can't find anyway to do this without paying out for a dedicated DHTML Menu Editor which I am loathe to do as the menus will be used only very occasionly. Short of actually coding the menus I can't see any way around the problem. Any advice would be welcome.

  Ricky62 22:25 24 Feb 2005

I also use FrontPage for my web site but I think you need an add-in to use Drop Down Menu's. After much research I bought a program called Xara Menumaker. It is really easy to use, loads of templates and not too expensive. Have a look at click here. I bought it through Amazon.

  Taran 01:25 25 Feb 2005

No, FrontPage 2003 does not natively support DHTML drop down menu generation as such and, if you'll forgive the observation, upgrading to the latest version for that sort of feature was perhaps a bit rash.

To be honest, not many WYSIWYG programs do support DHTML menus to any great degree and those that say they can fall foul of the various pop-up stoppers pretty sharpish.

The Xara products are fine and others, like my own favourite Sothink DHTML Menu Generator click here take most of the pain out of complex menu creation.

A nice touch with the Xara products is that they link into FrontPage as an add-in, allowing you to call Xara from within FrontPage.

Since you say you will use DHTML menus infrequently, why not just use a third party script from Dynamic Drive click here or one of the other online code repositories ?

A quick Google search for:

DHTML menu script


DHTML menu generator

will give your more results than you will have a use for.

  quack 09:09 25 Feb 2005

Thanks very much for your replies. You have answered my question and I will take a look at both of your suggestions

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