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  pete1966 07:04 27 Nov 2004

whenever i use google it stores everything i have searched for in the past, how can i delete this list please, annoying more than anything

thank you

  Technotiger 08:27 27 Nov 2004

Hi, I don't use Google, but I think you will find a small black down-pointing arrow to the left of Google on the Google address bar, click on this and you should find the word Delete or similar. Cheers.

  pete1966 11:43 27 Nov 2004

it does'nt appear on google, thanks anyway

  Kegger 12:14 27 Nov 2004

hi Pete,
do you have the google tool bar installed? if so to clear all history left click once on on google button and then select 'clear search history' this will clear all searches, i can find no way of clearing history from accessing the google website with out using a third pary cleaner. my advise would be to install google onto task bar and then clear history.

  march 12:47 27 Nov 2004

click in the search box & it should bring up the sites you have been on, scroll thorough them & highlight the site & click delete.

  pete1966 12:57 27 Nov 2004

Hi guys, every search engine i use does the same thing, weather google, yahoo or whatever!


  kev.Ifty 12:58 27 Nov 2004

have you tried TOOLS/OPTIONS. Contents Tab..AUTO COMPLETE Then CLEAR FORMS.?


  pete1966 13:06 27 Nov 2004

Hi kev, tools, options from where?? Tools from top of page only gives internet options, not just options, cheers

  VoG II 13:10 27 Nov 2004

Tools, Internet Options, Content tab, Autocomplete button, Clear Forms button.

  Technotiger 13:17 27 Nov 2004

Hello again, I use Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and msn search engines, each with their respective Toolbar installed - they all show down-pointing arrow showing the option to Clear History as I said to begin with in my first response. Cheers :-))

  pete1966 13:27 27 Nov 2004


Thanks guys

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