DrmWvr & Drop-down menu behaviour

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 07:47 12 Aug 2005

I have studioMX (not 2004, the earlier version). I have tried to use the drop-down menu behaviour built in. It seems to work fine in IE6 but when I try it with Firefox (latest) and Mozilla the hand cursor changes back to a text cursor ('I') when the cursor is moved to the sub-menu. Still works when it clicks. I have thought of hacking a solution but there seems tobe a largish java file (mm_menu) created and I'm not an expert on this. PS my main nav bar it constructed with a table, its just the sub-menus I'm trying to attach to them.

The nav bar is also controlled from an external CSS file. Sorry, forgot to ask the obvious - Has anyone come across this problem before?

  Absolut 17:42 21 Nov 2005

I have experienced the same problem, although, my nav bar is not placed in a table. Has anyone figured out a solution yet?

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