DRM upgrade?

  Deucalion 21:35 03 Aug 2008

Hi, Please can anybody help. I recently had to do a factory re-set on my computer. Everything went ok and all my music files play alright. However, I've just tried to download some music from HMV and keep getting an error message saying that my player is compatible but my DRM isn't. It says I need DRM version 2.2 or higher. I went to the Microsoft update page it told me to and downloaded what I could. I got a couple of messages saying that the version in my service pack (SP3) is newer than the one I was trying to download. I have no idea what else to do. As I've already paid for the music (an album), I really would like to download it.
Many Thanks,

  RFB 22:46 03 Aug 2008

Loads of info out there about sp3 and DRM ...loads of incompatibility ... typical of Microsoft.
Advice says uninstall sp3...
Good luck

RFB 8-)

  Deucalion 10:47 04 Aug 2008

Thanks RFB, will give that a go. Apart from uninstalling sp3, is there any way to update my DRM to 2.2 or above. Sorry if I sound dumb, but I don't really know much about the subject.


  RFB 13:01 06 Aug 2008

Deucalion... cant find very much on the web apart from drm converters.
How about contacting HMV?

  Deucalion 14:30 06 Aug 2008

Hi RFB, thanks for your help yet again. I contacted HMV's helpline and the guy talked me through various things which didn't help. He then told me to go to a web page entitled "DRM security upgrade", and click on the upgrade button, but this was greyed out. He then said it was because i haven't got Activex installed and that i need to install it. When you go to the Microsoft download centre and ask for Activex it takes you to a page where there's lots of info about it and there seems to be different kinds. I have no idea what i need.

  RFB 19:50 06 Aug 2008

Hi Deucalion,
Send me the links to the sites and I`ll try to get the correct ActiveX for you.
What browser are you using?
Firefox usually tells you need ActiveX and installs the correct version.

  Deucalion 10:47 07 Aug 2008

Hi RFB, this just gets more and more complicated!When i go onto the Microsoft download site and type in search for Activex downloads it take me to this link "click here". As i said before, there's lots of info, but i don't understand it all. I'm running Mozilla Firefox browser. Got in touch with HMV helpline again yesterday and spoke to another guy. He told me to first un-install their download manager. As i was doing so, Avast came up and said it had found a trojan. Back on the HMV site i couldn't re-download the download manager. The guy said i needed to try and reset my DRM and gave me instructions to do this. It all went ok, but still can't download the manager. A message tells me i need to, but there's no option to do so. The guy is asking their tech guys as he said he's never encountered this prob before. Still waiting to hear back from them. Meanwhile, have run Avast and Super Antispyware and no problems found.

  Deucalion 10:48 07 Aug 2008

Sorry, one thing i forgot to say, when accessing the HMV website you have to use internet explorer. I have no 7.

  RFB 13:01 07 Aug 2008

Hi Deucalion
Had a look at the DRM license page. Took a wee while for the "upgrade" button to be "un-greyed"
Just a thought, try enabling activex this way...
Open an explorer page ... tools ... internet options.... security... custom level "run activeX controls and plugins" ....enable
Might already be ticked but worth a try.

  Deucalion 11:10 08 Aug 2008

I had already made sure that all the activex options in explorer were ticked, but thanks for the advice anyway. After some thought, i think the problem may actually be a virus. When i first downloaded the HMV download manager, a dos window popped up, too quick for me to see what it said. Avast also popped up saying there was a "win:32 trojan-gen(other)". I told it to quarantine it as it couldn't heal it and thought everything was ok. Ran Avast and Super Antispyware again last night and they found nothing. The guy from HMV helpline had sent me an email this morn with a link to download the manager again. This i did and checked it with both avast and antispyware and it came up clean, so i installed. During installation however, the same thing happened as before. Have just had a look on the forum for info on this trojan and have just downloaded a2 free. Will give this a try and see what happens. If you have any advice on this trojan however, it would be much appreciated.
Many thanks for your time and effort,

  RFB 13:16 08 Aug 2008

Hi Deucalion,

Try an online virus scanner...
click here

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