Drives will not accept blank Cd-r discs

  loaders 17:12 14 May 2005

Both my D(cd reader)and E(cd writer)drives suddenly will not accept blank discs(Ihave tried several makes)although they both accept and play music etc discs no problem.every time I insert a blank disc I just get the message "please insert disc" I am only trying to copy audio CDs via Nero any thoughts on the problem would be appreciated.

  mattyc_92 17:53 14 May 2005

Do you get any other error messages??

What Operating System are you running?

What version of Nero are you running?

  loaders 18:12 14 May 2005

No only "please insert disc" I am operating Windows ME.I am runing Nero 5. I have beenable to copy onto blank discs previously a few months ago all OK.

  Pooke100 18:37 14 May 2005

are they new disks you've bought? could be duds or your drive might not like them. (sounds quirky but it happens) have you tried a different brand of disk?

  mattyc_92 20:56 14 May 2005

Pooke100 has basically said what my next question would be ;-)

Alot of the time you either get "damaged" disks, or your drive doesn't like them...

I would suggest asking one of your friends for a "swap" of one blank CD-R disk of yours for one of theirs.... If their disk works on your drive and your disk works on his/hers, you know that it is the drive not liking the disk.... But if your disk doesn't work on his/hers sys, you know they are "dodgy" disks....

Just a thought though...

  loaders 12:20 15 May 2005

Thanks for your and Pooke100 sugestion,I have actually tried 3 diferent makes of disc,in fact the second make I bought a pack of 10 and was able to recod no problem on the first two discs and then had the problem that it would not accept the next 5 I tried,I mentioned this to the shop where I had bought them and he gave me another make to try(TDK)but I still have the problem with them.I will however try your sugestion with one of my friends and see if thatgives me an answer I will let you know .Thanks again.

  Joe R 12:30 15 May 2005


can you give this a try first.?

click here

This method is the same for any brand.

  loaders 22:15 16 May 2005

Thanks for the suggestion,found that both my CD rom & CD rw had their dma box already enabled.Have tried mattyc-92's suggestion and found that my blank cd's are able to be read on his PC but I can't read his on mine,it must be a software problem?? I do every so often when I am trying to record get the error message "Rund1132 has caused an error in SET UP X. DLL-Rund1132 will now close" have you any idea what this refers to.

  kakellie 22:55 16 May 2005

Try right click on the drive you write to or read from,and changing the autoplay settings highlight 'the prompt me to choose a action to perform' on each of the drop down menu's for content type you want windows to perform each time you insert a disc.

  loaders 17:19 17 May 2005

Tried right clicking on both drives in My computer and Systems but can't find the autoplay settings,I have Windows Me does that make a difference

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