Drives Not Accessible!

  mart_32 17:58 30 Aug 2003

I am running Windows XP Home ed. AMD Athlon XP Processor. I have recently been pulling my hair out over a problem that has just occured on my system. My problem drives are as follows: A:(Floppy), D:(DVD ROM), E:(CD R/W ROM), and Removable F:(USB Fuji Finepix 40i DigiCamera)(It recognises that my camera is connected - all Icons and task bar info correctly identifies it but when I try to download the photos the error message comes up again!). Every time I click on any of these an error message comes up "Drive not Accessible - Incorrect Function". My CD ROM drives work only when loaded with a CD at warm reboot. I can read and write only the first time the drive is used from reboot, then it stops working..when I change the CD over it stops recognising it...Contents of E: or D: just comes up blank in Windows Explorer. My Floppy and removable have stopped working altogether!! I have tried Cleaning both CD drives, reinstalling all drivers, system restore, resetting bios to standard/optimised defaults (Auto is on for all drives). I have checked all devices in hardware manager - all shown as working properly. I have run Norton Utilities and AntiVirus (also ran the blaster worm check and patch) - checked all software/hardware conflicts and sharing....I have recently installed Norton Internet Security - do you think it could something to do with that? I disabled it to see but still the same problem? Everything I try doesn't work!! I have checked all my IDE connections and all ok. I even went into DOS command prompt and when I enter the drive number the same message comes up - "Incorrect Function". Why is it happening now! The only thing I have done is switch it of for a week while I went on Holiday and I come back, switch on and this is happening!! I have never encountered this problem before, I searched through all your Helproom subjects related to my problem and tried everything suggested together with all my own checks but none of which solve the problem!! I am now desperate! PLEASE HELP!!!

  Steve N 23:01 31 Aug 2003

Sounds nasty, and it sounds like you have done plenty to try and rectify the problem. I'd have a look on the Microsoft knowledge base to see if there is anything there.

The only other thing I would do is...REFORMAT. Make sure you have backed up all your important stuff before though because you will wipe your hard drive clean and nothing will be left on it. Maybe take the chance to update the BIOS too if you can find a newer version to what you have. I find XP very temperamental when it gets a problem it really does screw up. If you have Roxio installed this maybe causing a few issues and I would try uninstalling Internet Security too.

Need more help then please email me.

  jazzypop 23:43 31 Aug 2003
  woodchip 23:54 31 Aug 2003

Hope I am not asking a daft question but do you have the camera switched on, if so open Win Explorer you should see a camera icon or removable drive icon click this to open then drag files to folder

  woodchip 23:56 31 Aug 2003

You could put XP disc in and restart choose repair XP

  woodchip 23:57 31 Aug 2003

Do not use a restore disc to do the above or it will put your drive back to what it was when you got the comp no docs or photos

  jazzypop 00:03 01 Sep 2003

Just read my link - it is EasyCd (again).

  woodchip 00:21 01 Sep 2003

Glad I am on Win98 I would have to buy lots of software

  mart_32 11:56 02 Sep 2003

Hi Guys. I had trouble getting back to the this site for a day or so..Server error or something..Anyway back now! thanks for your advice. Unfortunately I don't have easy cd installed! I use nero for all my cd writing...I uninstalled internet security and I have backed up my data, even reinstalled windows over the top to fix/repair itself but still hasn't worked. I have tried selective startup - turning bits off one by one - still can't find the problem. My A: and F: are still completely un-accessible from windows, although CDROM drives work normally after re-boot but ONLY when they already have a disk in!! They then stop as soon as one is ejected! I have been able to write to my CD rewriter no problem..whenever I want it is just reading from it. Has to be a windows fault doesn't it?? My Bios doesn't show any unusual settings... Anyway I have been back into command prompt and when I went to format it wouldn't let me! When I try to dump into dos via an MSDos start up disk it first doesn't 'see' my C: drive, or any come to that apart from floppy!Well I then tried via a 'safe mode' start up with command prompt..because windows was 'loaded' and the drive was effectively in use I suppose, it says that It would have to 'force' it to unlock the drive but I would have 'problems' after..? Some scary message anyway, to that affect! Is this safe to go ahead? (My drive apparently is formatted to NTFS not Fat32). Then when I use my windows start up disk it recognises every drive no problem when I start - "..using CDROM support"...but it has created a 'Virtual' C: drive of about a meg or so so I can't format!! Any further help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!

  mart_32 13:24 02 Sep 2003

After all that I accidently stumbled on a website that mentioned NERO does exactly the same to the system as Easy CD in Windows XP/2000! In fact it is not Nero itself it is "Ahead InCD" - the packet writing software that comes with it. As soon as I uninstalled it and rebooted the drives were back!! Thank god I didn't reformat!! Talk about a sledgehammer to crack a nut!! All those sleepless nights trying to sort it and it was that all along! Just simply removing it from startup wasn't enough due to the registry keys were still set. I had thought when you guys were all on about easy cd, Nero was ok... hey ho... live and learn! I don't know what InCD does as Nero works fine without it!? Why it just suddenly did that after having it on my PC for years with no problem I don't know!? Cheers for the insperation and pass this info on...I'm sure there is some poor soul out there just like me!!

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