Drives lost again!

  Duncanf 21:14 06 Aug 2003

I thought this was solved but again My Computer is not recognising my 'e' and 'f' drives. It doesn't happen every time I boot up but more often than not. Someone has already kindly suggested taking any CD out ofthe drives and rebooting. This worked once but not again. How can I get my drives working again please?

  Chris the Ancient 21:19 06 Aug 2003

Recently, I 'lost' my drives from the shortcuts on my desktop and could not get them back.

I had, though, just updated my XP with the latest from M$. Was this the culprit?

Restored back to a point before the update and all was fine again.


  Duncanf 21:34 06 Aug 2003

Thanks Chris for suggestion. I haven't added anything or changed anything in the past while but have used system restore to no avail. Problem still exists. By the way I'm on Windows ME. Any more suggestions?

  Chris the Ancient 21:35 06 Aug 2003

Aaahh! Now I'm lost as well!


  henza_mapenza 01:03 26 Aug 2003

Recently I have lost my D drive when I turned on my computer. I am running Windows ME and it has never happened before. All shortcuts to programs made in the drive were inaccesible and it has disappeared when viewing in my computer. The only way i can think of is boot in DOS and format the drive. You lose everything but the drive will be back so do regular backups!

  Duncanf 08:36 26 Aug 2003

Thanks Henza-Mapenza for suggestion. I haven't needed to use it as the drives mysteriously returned a week ago and have behaved since. I don't know what caused the problem but it seems to have be rectified. Thanks!

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