driver.uue file

  leedaz 13:21 20 Nov 2005

C:\WINNT\Driver Cache\i386\driver.uue

Does anyone know what this is for ? Housecall online scan tells me it can't be scanned 'cos it's corrupted. Winzip will not open it as it's an invalid archive... Done a web search and found *.uue is uu encode (whatever that is) but not much else. Any ideas anyone. TIA.

It's 29,839 KB In size btw.

  mgmcc 14:02 20 Nov 2005

It appears to be a driver for UUencoding. All binary files are transmitted over the internet as plain ASCII text and this is normally achieved by MIME encoding them, sending and then MIME decoding by the recipient. This is all done automatically by email programs when sending attachments.

There are other methods of encoding one of which is UUencoding / UUdecoding. It is an older method, but is still supported by some email programs. Eudora, for example, offers MIME, BinHex and UUencode for attachments.

  Skyver 14:11 20 Nov 2005

Load it into this which will strip out all but readable text; click here
If it's not actually compressed you may find something which will give more clues as to what it is, who made it and what it's for.

  leedaz 15:14 20 Nov 2005

Thanks for the replies. Skyver, I tried that program but just got gobbledegook except for line 2 which read " 00000038 00000038 begin 666 "

mgmcc, you could have it, as I use Pegasus email.
Anyway I will continue to look for info on it as I was having a clean out and it looked like a corrupt archive which had no use. I won't delete it now tho'.
Thanks again.

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