Drivers for Vista

  Ade_1 18:21 11 Jun 2006

Im looking around for drivers before i install vista which is stil downloading but having trouble, which is to be expected.

I am looking around for a SigmaTel Audio driver but not having much luck.

Also i was wondering if anyone with Vista has a driver for the BT Voyager 1055 USB Wireless Adaptor.

Is there a chance any current XP drivers will work?
I personally dont think so but its best to ask before jumping to conclusions...

If anyone has any drivers for these or knows where i can get them i would appriciate the help.

Thanks in advance


  Ade_1 19:24 11 Jun 2006

yeah i have tried it, i didnt see anything about Drivers. Maybe i didnt read it properly. But the only thing it didnt agree with was the TV bit although i do have a TV Reciever.(Freecom DVB-T Stick)

Anyway, ill do it again and have a look around it.


  Ade_1 19:26 11 Jun 2006

So if evreything has come back with no problems apart from the Watch and Record TV i should be alright with my wireless drivers etc?

  Ade_1 19:38 11 Jun 2006

ok thanks very much for your advice :) I had to make sure.

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