drivers for a FREE scanner

  BIG ben strikes 10 08:32 20 Mar 2004

hi all my aunt/uncle gave me there old scanner coz they were buying a new pc and it came with scanner(better).
anyway it is a PRIVAX colorado direct 9600.Any one know how to get the drivers.(they have chucked all there old cds out(including my driver))thanks all.

  Mac101 08:36 20 Mar 2004
  BIG ben strikes 10 09:03 20 Mar 2004

alot of them dont work,but im browsing,,,cheers mate.

  spuds 11:28 20 Mar 2004

If the above links, do not solve the problem, try a Google search, which may help in your quest.

Your scanner is a Primax scanner and the driver can be found here click here

  Belatucadrus 11:52 20 Mar 2004
  BIG ben strikes 10 08:25 21 Mar 2004

how do i actully download them becouse it appears that they are just a list of drivers??.thanks

  Mac101 17:36 21 Mar 2004

Normally there's a link or a hotspot which asks if you want to download the files, wave the rodent around until a little hand appears - probably worth creating a Temp (or some such) folder to store them in and then saving them to a CD if you can; scanners can be a real pain in the backside, especially older ones so you can save some time if you already have the drivers.
Don't forget to run Windows Update every so often; this sometimes helps or use BigFix at click here.
Hope this helps

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:57 22 Mar 2004

my aunty has found the cd i have installed the drivers from there.everytime i try to scan,it goes about 1/8 the way and stops.isnt there supposed to be a light in there or something that is luminus?.any suggestions.thanks.ben.or do you reckon i should post it as a new thread?

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