Drivers don't know which?

  david-233692 14:44 14 Sep 2003

Me again! attempted to download and install latest drivers for Nvidia FX5200. Download seem to go O.K. but when checking driver details in system manager the details haven't changed i.e. driver date, driver details? Have i downloaded the wrong file as there were two downloads: Graphics drivers, Platform/nforcedrivers. I choose the former which was file; [45.23Win2kxp]
as stated above the download went O.K. and i rebooted as instructed but seem to still have the old drivers; [Driver date 17/12/2002 Version] Help someone!

  Jester2K II 14:48 14 Sep 2003

Did you install the drivers or just download them?

Where did you download from?

nForce drivers? Aren't they for the onboard graphics chips on nForce boards not for seperate G Cards? I assume you have a seperate G card and not integrated graphics?

  Jomi 14:48 14 Sep 2003

You have to uninstall the old drivers (add/remove programs) then install the downloaded driver

  Jester2K II 14:49 14 Sep 2003

click here

Look for Detonator 45.23 Win 2000/XP - WHQL - English Only

  david-233692 15:06 14 Sep 2003

Jester, don't understand what you mean, the drivers i downloaded and thought i installed are; 45.23Win2kxp. am i wrong? thanks for helping.

  Jomi 15:22 14 Sep 2003

if you go to click here the site will walk you through to the correct driver. It's the detonator drivers you need.. as jester2k II says.

  david-233692 16:16 14 Sep 2003

Can anyone give me step-by-step advice on how to uninstall old Fx5200 drivers. I tried removing by way of add-remove programmes and uninstalled the lot, had to resort to system restore, FOOL that i am. How do i remove only the old drivers? If this does not work, out it goes!!!!!
In hope!
P.S. Do I need to uninstall old for new

  Jomi 19:07 16 Sep 2003

The drivers should be in add/remove programs, you should be able to remove ONLY those. For example in my add/remove programs list I have ATI DISPLAY DRIVERS I would simply remove/uninstall those.
The onboard graphics will take over after a reboot so that everything on my screen will look oversized. Now I'd install the new driver and reboot, right click anywhere on the desktop (away from any icons)click 'properties' then click the settings tab and move the slider to give an acceptable screen resolution (whatever you're happy with) and then set the colour quality (I use 16 bit).

Hope this helps dvddave

  Quiller. 19:20 16 Sep 2003

The way I uninstall old graphics card drivers are:

1) if I have downloaded new drivers to a folder on the desktop.

Remove from add and remove programmes. Then go to device manager and remove the entry from display adaptors. This will bring it back to standard video graphics.


let windows find the card again and then point it to the drivers on the desktop.

2)Installing new drivers for a new graphics card.

Do the above of removing from add and remove, also removing from device manager.

Switch off the machine.

Remove old card and replace with new card.

Start machine up with new drivers in the cdrom.

Let windows find it and point it to the new files.

  Rayuk 19:22 16 Sep 2003

You could try this I have used it in the past pre Radeon cards

click here

  Jester2K II 20:53 16 Sep 2003

You need to remove all the drivers old and new first, Then let windows install the default driver then install you new drivers on top.

1) Download the driver you want. These should arrive in a single exe package - keep t he file on your desktop.

2) Download Detonator RIP or NVidia - Nasty File Remover
click here

3) Goto Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs and uninstall all NVidia Drivers. DO NOT REBOOT.

4) Run Detonator RIP or NVidia - Nasty File Remover

5) Reboot.

6) Windows will try to install new drivers - do not let it install any Detonator divs - just the default ones.

7) Run the file you downloaded that contains the new drivers. Follow instructions.

8) Reboot when promoted.

9) Drivers are now installed.

10) there is no 10.

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