Drivers for this device

  tkidcharlemagne 17:53 15 Oct 2004

Basically at the moment my cd rom and cdrw are out of action. I seem to have pinpointed the problem to problem devices on my system information. pciven_8086&dev_2668&subsys_1039147b&rev_03\3&2411e6fe&0&d8 The drivers for this device are not installed.

This is a pnp device id.

What exactly is the driver I need to install and where can I find it.

  ICF 17:59 15 Oct 2004

Operating system?
Model no of drives?

I did not think you needed to install drivers for CD/DVD drives in XP (if that's what you have installed)they use windows drivers

  tkidcharlemagne 18:06 15 Oct 2004

XP yes, plextor px712a cd rom drive, 2 250gb maxtor 16mb raid 0.

  woodchip 18:09 15 Oct 2004

You do not need drivers to use as a cd reader windows mscdex is the read driver file. For writing drivers you need writing software as nero or other to load the writer drivers. The software as to support you cd writer

  JonnyTub 18:11 15 Oct 2004

pnp device id

click here

  JonnyTub 18:12 15 Oct 2004

or in other words don't muck around with pnp device id

  tkidcharlemagne 18:20 15 Oct 2004

Lol....ya that sounds complicated. Only had this machine a couple of weeks...pi**ing me off. The wierd thing is the CDROM drive was working fine up until two days ago. Word of advice Scan computers customer support is shite, absolute shite. They never answer emails and always have their answering machine on and never return calls.

  tkidcharlemagne 18:23 15 Oct 2004

Isn't the above the vendor id of the drive in question. I can't seem to identify it so as to download the bloody drivers.

  JonnyTub 18:25 15 Oct 2004

have you checked device manager to see if there's any problems there?

What do you mean by out of action? is it the drives won't burn or just won't recognise anything at all?

  tkidcharlemagne 18:31 15 Oct 2004

Under device manager there's a ? other devices, ?pci device. I click on that I get pci device manufacture unknown,
location pci bus 0, device 27, function 0

The drivers for this device are not inslatted code 28.

I click to reintall drivers. Wizard comes up. Of course I can't use the drive so it looks for drivers online. Can't find any.

The cdrom drive won't read anything though it will open and close. Keeps on saying place cd in drive. Neither drive appears on my computer.

  Dorsai 18:34 15 Oct 2004

If it were not under warranty, i would uninstall the devices, and any software relating to them, shut down the PC. Unplug them, reboot, so XP knows they are now gone, shut down again, plug them in, and let XP re-install the drivers/files etc....

But opening the case, while under warranty might invalidate the warranty.

My cd-rom and dvd/CD-RW went AWOL a few weeks ago, then, as if my magic, were back, fully functioning, a few days later. I have no idea what i did to get them back though. But id drove me bonkers, as i did nothing to 'lose' them to start with, except update XP and Norton.

PS, and as an aside, and i am not personally botherd, bad language, even if *** ing some letters can result in censorship, from above. Try to just say 'upset' rather than ........

Just so you know.

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