Drivers crash randomly, gives 4101 Event

  Rukk 14:58 18 Mar 2019

Hey guys,

So for a few weeks I have been getting random crashes when playing games. At first I was a bit confused, as it seemed like some games would run no problem and some others would just crash with no warning, seemingly with no pattern. By now I am quite sure, that the problem behind the symptoms isn't unique to any game but, instead, something that various games treat differently. It would appear, that my graphics drivers seem to randomly crash and come back within seconds. Some games "crash", meaning that I keep sound and sometimes can even play on but can not see anything except for a black screen, or sometimes a freeze screen of what I saw when the game crashed. Other times, the game seems to hang for a bit but then seems to catch itself and then just runs on as if nothing happened. And yet others don't even show any signs of trouble.

I have tried quite a few games, yet all seem to cause the same problem. Everything from low performance titles like Europa Universalis or Worms, to the more demanding Satisfactory or Slime Rancher, to titles that actually need some more power like Total War Warhammer, or Ark. They all cause this problems after mere minutes of playing. It does not coincide with an increase in temperature. The GPU (a GTX 1070) tends to have a stable 50°C when idling (which does seem a bit high. I will clean that out tomorrow.), yet it never rises above 65°C and certainly never reaches anything close to 70°C.

My RAM seems to be fully functioning. At least testing hasn't shown any corrupted areas.

I have not added any new parts to the PC that could have brought the consumption of energy above what my PSU can handle.

The SSD and HDD are brand new (installed even after the problems started) and I have already installed Windows anew, so it doesn't quite look like a software problem, though I might be wrong.

I wouldn't know of any changes that could have caused this. It would seem random.

I'd be very thankful if you could add some ideas towards this. I am at the end with ideas. I'll clean the PC out and take the GPU out to set it in anew, but I'm not sure if that'll help

Some additional Info like Specs:

I have a 630W PSU GPU is a GTX 1070 from MSI, 8GB V-RAM CPU is a FX-8350, not overclocked Motherboard is a GA-78LMT-USB3 from Gigabyte. I believe it to be rev 4.1, but I can't say for sure. It certainly is on the latest BIOS Version. I have 16GB of Ram, two each of two different makes, yet none of them run together, as they are inserted in parallel. They have been running for a while with (seemingly) no problems and a test has shown no corrupted segments. I do not believe that they are the problem, but I certainly am not sure about that and I certainly won't claim that that means too much. If you believe that they might yet be the problem, let me know.

I'm running Win10 Home on the latest version. The drivers for the GPU are up-to-date.

The problems started with no associated change in hardware.

I unfortunately have no access to other parts and so can not try to run with them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:09 18 Mar 2019

Last time I had similar was a failing graphics card so the clean might help.

  Rukk 16:57 18 Mar 2019

I've cleaned the GPU and set it back in. Didn't change a thing.

Might it be, that the PSU is underperforming? How could I check for that?

  wiganken2 17:50 18 Mar 2019

Did the problem start after a Windows Update? It may be the update that is causing the problems.

  Rukk 01:31 19 Mar 2019

I don't think that the problem is associated with a Windows Update. At least I don't think it started with one.

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