Drivers for Canoscan D1250 U2F

  Bagsey 13:55 07 Mar 2009

My Canoscan stopped working and I am getting a message saying that it cant find the TWAIN drivers for it.I have looked on the internet and cant find what I need. Also when I try to re-install from the disk it tells me that because of these being missing it cant fully install the ScanGear toolbox.
Can anyone help me with a copy of the quick set up guide as I have lost mine and I am fairly sure that the initial set up sequence is important.

Canoscan D1250 U2F
Windows XP Pro
Thank you for any help with this. I dont know if this is a software fault or if the scanner is worn out.

  JoeC 14:23 07 Mar 2009

click here

for the driver.

You have to install drivers etc whilst the scanner is completely disconnected from computer. Once drivers installed, reboot and connect scanner.

  Bagsey 15:12 07 Mar 2009

Thanks for that link. I installed the software that I told m, but I am still getting the message that it is unable to select the TWAIN source.??? If I press the button on the front of the scanner nothing happens at all. If I go into Start . All Programs , and select the scanner toolbox from there then I get te usual toolbox up on screen but when I tell it to Scan I get the Twain missing message.???
Why is it that these things always go bootom up when they are need urgently.??? Sods law I suppose.

  Bagsey 17:26 07 Mar 2009


  ventanas 23:35 07 Mar 2009

Sorry JoeC, but no. This scanner was different, I've still got two of them, and they can be a right pain to install. It's a while now since I did one, but I've still got the guides at work. You have to connect the scanner first both to the mains and USB and hope the found new hardware dialogue appears. if it doesn't, which is often, shut down and disconnect everything from mains (PC and scanner) switch back on and reboot. It should now be found. Insert the CD and choose to install automatically.
If you already have an incorrect or corrupt installation you will have problems. There is a removal tool on the Canon site somewhere, have a look for it.

  ventanas 23:41 07 Mar 2009

Got it, it's called deldrv on this page
click here

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