Drivers again

  carvers 18:08 13 Mar 2004

I have a laptop running xp home edition. i have tried updating the driver for my packard bell scanner. the old driver is version 1.0 dated 28/01/02 and the new download is version 1.1 dated Feb 04. i have followed the instructions and downloaded to a folder opened the folder and installed the driver which should load automatically but when i go into hardware manager and check driver the old version is still shown installed so i then deleted the old version disconnected the scanner and reinstalled but although everything seems to go ok there is still no change as far as info in hardware manager is concerned. Hardware update wizard gives the option to install from a list or specific location but although when i browse i can see this folder the select box is greyed out not giving me the option to select this folder. am i doing anything wrong or is it that the driver is the same as the old one already installed? any help appreciated

  carvers 08:55 14 Mar 2004

Thought i would push my luck and try again re this thread i feel sure i am doing everything right to install this driver especially as the exe. file installs itself could it be that the driver is correctly installed but for some reason it is not registering itself in hardware manager? i should add the scanner seems to be working correctly and i know there is a thought by some that if working ok leave well alone but others particularly most mags seem to recomment installing the latest drivers. any suggestions most gladly received.

  [email protected] 09:15 14 Mar 2004

read your own notes
if it aint broke dont fix it could be that you should try to delete driver via device manager restart if it shows old driver then you should update & you dictate where your new driver is not XP (sometimes lazy) when it is supposed to look for specific drivers because normally XP only looks for windows microsoft drivers

  carvers 09:28 14 Mar 2004

i have uninstalled and reinstalled and am happy that i have done this correctly and i do agree re if it aint broke dont meddle to a point but i recently installed a more up to date driver for my epson printer which was working ok but on installation of new driver everything was much quicker to respond also if i dont try these things i will never learn how to do these things. as i have started to tinker with computers at a probably older age than some its something i am enjoying and this helproom forum is without a doubt the best. again thank you for you advice.

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