driver_irql_not_less_or_equal error

  Andy 999 23:34 17 Apr 2003

i everyone, my pc is really screwed this time. I have been receiving the following error and i realised it was a ram error and a dodgy driver. i narrowed it down to ma nvidia tnt2 pro m64 graphics card. I installed new drivers but to no avail. i then reinstalled older ones but still to no avail. now i have reinstalled the new ones and it keeps happening. any suggestions? Im 99% sure its ma graphics card.

  MAJ 00:00 18 Apr 2003

Do you have a virus scanner, Andy 999? If so try disabling it temporarily, see if that helps. Try a virus scan to check you don't have a virus. Open the case and make sure all cards and devices are seated and connected properly. Take a look at this Microsoft Knowledge Base entry, see if it helps (if you're using XP). click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:25 18 Apr 2003

click here would seem to indicate that the error is not with your card. Why do you think that your card is to blame?


  Andy 999 00:27 18 Apr 2003

i think ma graphics card is to blame cos wen i load windows xp loads up the nv.dlls come up corrupt

  Andy 999 08:47 18 Apr 2003

Dll errors come up when i load my computer. Also, should i delete the tmp files as some of them come up with errors and my disck scanner in XP says that the pagefile.sys has a non valid link?

  Andy 999 14:35 18 Apr 2003


  Big Elf 14:40 18 Apr 2003

Looking at the site that was posted by GANDALF <|:-)> would suggest that the first thing to look at is the pagefile. I would suggest you follow the final solution at the bottom of the link and temporarily set your system to have no pagefile, reboot and re-enable it.

  Andy 999 21:39 18 Apr 2003

i tried that but to no avail.I get a lot of errors about the .dll driver files for my graphics card. It wont install them properly.Way can i do to install the drivers properly?

  square eyes 23:08 18 Apr 2003

Many will say it is a memory prob, i used to have the same error, thankfully it has gone now. :) I cured in two possible ways, i re-seated the ram stick a couple of times becuase a memtest was showing errors. Infact i think i seated it into another slot, it passed the rest after that. The other thing it could have been and i think this was my true cure, was a recently released CAT3.2 (or 1) drivers for my ATI Radeon 9000, all other drivers previous to 13th March were not solving it.

Do the problems happen when using 3d applications or video?
This was the case for me and i was determined my card wasn't faulty and i proved myself right (touch wood). Very long thread about the Xp restarts here click here

Hope this helps :)

  square eyes 23:11 18 Apr 2003

p.s. Uninstall drivers before installing new ones by going to Device manager in system properites, find the device and uninstall driver, re-boot and intall new

  square eyes 23:16 18 Apr 2003

p.p.s. I've been expertly advised that temp files can cuase probs, delete them within the windows folder.
Signing off now,
I very much sympathise with you, its dam annoying to say the least and seems to cause other errors that simply confuse the issue. I hope you can sort it. My pc has been very sweet ever since.

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