driver updates

  geedad 20:52 08 Apr 2011

I have been advised by an application that 16 of my drivers are out of date. It offered to update these, but when I clicked 'further', I was asked to pay a 'reduced' price of £24!! I thought that driver updates were free! Is there any way that I can link to a free application to update these drivers? Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel i5. Age 6 months. (The PC , I mean!) geedad

  mgmcc 21:57 08 Apr 2011

If the PC is only six months old, I think it unlikely that there is a serious issue with drivers that need to be updated. Unless you find that something in particular isn't working as it should, I'd leave well alone. Updating needlessly can sometimes 'break' functionality rather than improving it.

If necessary, manufacturers' websites should have the latest drivers for their products and that's the safest source.

  rdave13 22:08 08 Apr 2011

Agree with mgmcc and bin the application.

  woodchip 23:26 08 Apr 2011

Looks like some one is trying to take you for a ride to the cleaners

  Splodge 12:34 09 Apr 2011

I use Driver Genius Professional which does not cost two much and has updated quite a few of my, quite new, computer.

Remember that some of the hardware, not just your programs may have been upgraded recently.

I believe you do get a free trial. I brlieve it represents good value.

  Sea Urchin 13:29 09 Apr 2011


There is no need to ever pay for a driver - they are freely available from the manufacturer's website. And as mgmcc says above only update drivers if your hardware is causing a problem.

  birdface 12:43 11 Apr 2011

Free Driver max Pro from this site but you have to be quick.

  northumbria61 12:52 11 Apr 2011

Driver "update" programs totally unecessary (and sometimes unreliable) Update a driver only when a device needs it and then from the Manufacturers website.

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