Driver Trouble

  Ben Avery 21:33 10 Apr 2003


I've installed a new PCI card today (a LaCie USB 2.0 4 port) but I'm having a bit of trouble with the driver.

It's admittedly my own fault as I clicked on "Yes" when it detected the driver from the CD-ROM then realised the driver that windows 2000 selected was the Win 98/Me Driver NOT the Win 2K/XP driver! D'oh!

I have a dual boot system with Win 2K on 1 partition and Win 98SE on the other. When Win 98SE detected I made sure it grabbed the correct driver and the USB 2.0 card works great on here.

On win 2K however, if I reboot with a peripheral plugged into the USB card (e.g. my HP 960C printer), windows starts to load (after selecting 2k from boot magic) but after the windows 2000 Pro screen I get a blue STOP screen. The screen says something about it being caused by a driver and should be reinstalled.

If I unplug the printer and put it back into a USB 1.1 port so that the USB 2.0 card is empty, it boots up fine. It even allows me to then plug in my printer and print from it using th e USB 2.0 card.

Again, on re-boot, the blue screen until I unplug the printer again.

I have gone into the device manager and uninstalled the new card and rebooted but it automatically reinstalls the same drvers before I get a chance to browse the CD (it installs the same drivers if the CD is not in too so they must be somewhere on the hard disk which windows is locating)

I have tried using the "update Driver" function but this produces the same results.

How can I stop this?


  Legolas 21:43 10 Apr 2003

Have you tried booting up in safe mode and then reinstalling using the correct drivers

  Ben Avery 21:46 10 Apr 2003

as in boot up in safe mode, uninstall hardware, THEN reinstall in 2k or do you mean updating drivers using device manager?


  Ben Avery 21:47 10 Apr 2003 safe mode that is

  Legolas 21:51 10 Apr 2003

You say that when you boot up normally after uninstalling it locates the wrong driver and installs it automatically so I thought if you uninstall the driver reboot in safe mode it might not install automatically then when you get to the desktop you could then reinstall using the correct driver. It might not work but perhaps worth a try.

  Ben Avery 21:55 10 Apr 2003

Can you install PCI cards from safe mode???

  Legolas 21:57 10 Apr 2003

I dont know but it is worth a try.

  ¦:o) {-=¦ 22:20 10 Apr 2003

rather than remove the device,could you disable it,then remove driver and restart.?

  Ben Avery 22:40 10 Apr 2003

Have booted into safe mode, uninstalled device entirely and reinstalled drivers in safe mode.

Booted up into normal and it detected the hardware. It then automatically installed the drivers (and found my printer as I'd left it plaugged in to test it).

When I restarted...the blue screen again!

  Ben Avery 23:06 10 Apr 2003

I'm off to bed for now but if anyone has any ideas, I'll check back tomorrow.


Night night.


  Ben Avery 08:26 11 Apr 2003


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