Driver for Samsung GT-S5600

  Nontek 14:50 06 Jun 2012

I am trying to find the above Driver for a friend, we are currently working together on TeamViewer but not having much joy.

Driver(s) required for connecting Mobile Phone to PC.

I don't seem to be able to get anywhere with the Samsung Site!

Can anyone please help??


  Ian in Northampton 15:56 06 Jun 2012

I'm guessing, as I can find no (reputable) source of a GT-S5600 driver, that you may have to download the whole (54MB...) of Samsung's PC Studio software - from here for example.

  Nontek 16:06 06 Jun 2012

Ian in Northampton

Thanks for your input, I have suggested that link to my friend, who is out at work at the moment. Will let you know how she gets on later.

  Woolwell 16:22 06 Jun 2012

Go direct to Samsung support UK, input the GT-S5600 and you can download Samsung New PC Studio, PC Sync from there.

However why is the driver required? Is it a connection problem with the PC? Some of these phones can be quite flaky with their connection. I have a Galaxy which syncs with my W7 desktop 9 out of 10 times but refuses to talk to my Vista laptop but was fine with my old Vista desktop.

  Nontek 16:26 06 Jun 2012


Yes, a connection issue, will be trying again later. Thanks.

  Nontek 16:27 06 Jun 2012

PS - I tried the Samsung site earlier, but the site itself was having problems.

  Woolwell 16:33 06 Jun 2012

Are there any errors shown when connecting? My phone takes a long time to connect on a fast PC. Worthwhile waiting a few minutes.

  Nontek 09:04 07 Jun 2012

Phoenix21 is the friend I am trying to help - just letting you guys know not just someone hijacking the thread!

Thanks for all the help so far!

  Woolwell 09:45 07 Jun 2012

I'm very busy today. Will try to answer later.

  Woolwell 11:30 07 Jun 2012

Does the phone now connect ok?

Windows Address Book - is this Windows XP?

  Woolwell 11:43 07 Jun 2012

Another question - is Outlook installed? I have a horrible suspicion that the Samsung program only syncs with Outlook and that a third party app may be needed.

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