Driver problems

  [DELETED] 16:51 18 Oct 2003

I have been having serious problems with my CD-ROM, and it may be down to driver problems. I have been given the following instructions to force a re-install of the drivers to CD drive:

>>Remove drive from Device Manager and shut down.

>>Disconnect the drive from the computer by disconnecting the IDE cable.

>>startup computer, then shut down.

>>Reconnect IDE cable to drive.

>>Startup computer.

I was wondering if anyone knew if this could be risky to the computer (e.g boot-up fail etc.)

If anyone knows if this could damage the computer or not, please tell me.



  bremner 16:55 18 Oct 2003

I can not understand the reasoning behind physically disconnecting the Drive.

Just remove from Device Manager and reboot. The driver will be detected from Windows.

  hugh-265156 16:58 18 Oct 2003

as above,you dont need to disconnect it,just remove via device manager and restart the computer and windows will reinstall it again.

do check of course that the cable is connected properly.if its listed in device manager then there is a good chance that it is :-)

  hugh-265156 17:00 18 Oct 2003

try using better quality cdr discs if the drive is having problems burning recognizing that there is a disc in the drive or a lower speed when burning.

  [DELETED] 17:03 18 Oct 2003

I have never had any drivers for my cd drives,didnt know they needed any they just work lol.

  [DELETED] 17:03 18 Oct 2003

Thanks alot for your help. I'll try out the suggestions!

  woodchip 17:04 18 Oct 2003

Your best bet and it is safe, is go int device manager click on the CD-RON drive after you expand with the little + sign and click remove and restart your computer. Windows will reconfigure your CD-ROM if it does not work right then you may be getting ready for a new one

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