Driver power state failure, long restart

  Peter2121 20:55 25 Jan 2017


I was upgrading my laptop Asus N56VV. I put my new SSD disk instead of old HDD and my old HDD I put in optical bay, with caddy adapter instead of CD ROM. When I take out the HDD from optical bay Im not having any problems but when it is inside and I restart computer it is restarting about 5 minutes and then I get Im getting driver power state failure. It take long time to shut down the computer as well. Can anybody know how to resolve the isssue, Im having? Specifications of old HDD: click here

  rdave13 23:43 25 Jan 2017

Check bios/uefi that the sata (SSD) is first in boot order then USB. It's trying to boot from where the old DVD drive was where you've put the old hard drive.

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