Driver for NVIDIA GeForce 2mx

  Fletten 21:35 17 Jan 2003
  Fletten 21:35 17 Jan 2003

Could anybody tell me the correct driver for my NVIDIA GeForce 2MX 100/200 graphics card, the driver I am using is:NVDISP.DRV Version:
My system is telling me there should a later one.
I am running Windows Me.

  PA28 21:39 17 Jan 2003

Nvidia can! click here

  closhty 03:08 18 Jan 2003
  vinnyT 13:51 18 Jan 2003

Accordint to Alain Tiquet, nvidia's European marketing director

"The driver we have today works on products we sold 4 years ago"

Quote taken from PCAdvisor march 2003, page 92.

So, in theory, the latest drivers on the nvidia site will work with your card.

  closhty 20:02 18 Jan 2003
  WiLL-A 20:49 18 Jan 2003

Go to Nvidia's website. I got a Geforce MX400 64MB AGP for my dad at xmas (£30 inc VAT).

I then went to the web site and got the latest driver (WinXP) which was about 16MB in size and it runs the card perfectly.

You simply select your card and OS from the menus and it tells you what driver you need.

  fragma 20:54 18 Jan 2003

Do a windows update and and it should be listed if it in need of an update.

  MikeJ101 22:59 18 Jan 2003

Use the DETONATOR driver from the Nvidia site - it's compatible with all their cards.

  Fletten 15:11 19 Jan 2003

Thanks all for your response.
Problenm now solved.

  Fletten 15:14 19 Jan 2003

oops! Bet you can't solve my typing problem.

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