driver not equal

  firestorm6 20:24 14 Mar 2011

Keep getting blue screens up,im not a novice but cannot pin it down.Seems to happen when i finish a game or just after i have booted up and desktop has loaded.Havnt had nay new hardware,some software but too hard to track as this has been going on about 3 months now.After blue screen only way to get pc to boot properly is to either do system restore or repair windows.Getting more frequent now,all hardware seems ok.

  ams4127 21:01 14 Mar 2011

This sounds like a RAM problem. You don't give any clue as to what sort of system you have.

Details of CPU, motherboard, RAM, PSU, OS and graphics card will help people trying to help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:06 14 Mar 2011
  firestorm6 21:12 14 Mar 2011

got another error message now win 32k,sys address then loads of addresses,i have dell xps liquid cooled,quad core intel extreme processer,vista,4gb ram,two raid configued 750 gb hard drive and nvidia graphics card 280gtx and nvida mother board.

  ams4127 21:47 14 Mar 2011

Try this - (assuming 2x2GB sticks) remove one stick of RAM and reboot. Any difference? Replace and repeat using other stick. If one stick is faulty, replace it with an identical one.

Still the same problem? Then the answer is almost certainly driver incompatability and Fruit Bat /\0/\'s link will help.

  firestorm6 22:50 14 Mar 2011

Cheers guys,not the ram do must be driver or simaler.

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