[DELETED] 15:21 15 Jan 2006

I posted this just before but not sure which forum it went to. Anyway, here it is again, w/ a bit extra. Any advice appreciated.


What can you do if you got an off-brand thumb drive (bmcSoftware / REMEDY),
128MB, probably made in China, that gets a bit warm and seems to work OK in
Win XP but has no driver for Win 98?

Is there some kind of universal generic driver for these things for win 98 use?

I have another thumb drive (256MB) w/driver for Win 98. Works OK.

Could I use this driver (256 device) for the 128MB REMEDY?


  recap 15:33 15 Jan 2006

I doubt very much if the 256MB driver will work for the REMEDY drive, but there is no harm in trying it.

  Stuartli 15:38 15 Jan 2006

The BMCSoftware website is at:

click here

but not of much use it would seem.

A number of USB thumb drive drivers listed here:

click here

  recap 15:45 15 Jan 2006

According to click here this article, Windows 98 is supported, so there must be software/drivers for the device.

You can contact the company if you click here

  [DELETED] 16:24 15 Jan 2006

Thank you all for the info so far. Will check out in next few days. Have been thru the Google search route: BMC, Remedy, etc. but, as you speculated, not much use - so far (this is a software outfit).

Am still hoping there's some kind of universal generic (Windows?)driver around for this type device. I'll get back here when I can to follow up. Right now, got to pack.

Appreciate - and keep it coming please, if there's any more.


  [DELETED] 05:58 17 Sep 2006

Thanx v. much - recap, Stuartli, softstag - for
all your input. I've been out of it for a while
and just browsing thru to jog my rotten memory.
Had too many other pc faults to attend to.

If I recall, I directed the party concerned to this thread. Haven't heard from him since.

Right now am downloading all your links for my
own ref as it's valuable stuff I may need again.

In fact, another friend of a friend came by the other day with a Compaq LapTop (Win XP SP2) that
wouldn't recognize a brand new USB Keyboard, and now, a certain USB Thumb Drive which works OK at DeskTop pc's but not at his LapTop.

Had to put this on the side burner too as, again, unfortunately, have to make another move shortly and no time to mess.

Anyhow, must be something wrong with his installation or USB controller, whatever. Can't
provide any more details just now except that his LapTop does work OK w/ certain other USB keyboards and Thumb Drives.

Thanx again gents and I'll be back to check

JT2 :)

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